Bullion Retreat Christmas

Sometimes we reserve the retreat exclusively for family and friends; and there is nothing better than family coming to the retreat to spend 6 magical days and nights in the middle of winter. Our daughter Tamara with her husband Dave and grandkiddo Cassidy came. Also, daughter Danielle with her husband Brandon and granddoggy Chica. It was like one continous party for 6 days. It went by so fast...nobody wanted it to end.

We enjoyed the traditional Christmas stuff.

We partied while it snowed and dipped to below zero temperatures.

We jammed with our own redneck bluegrass band. You should see Tamara's knee bounce while she strums up some banjo chords. You can see that Brandon is not sure he belongs in this band.

We shoveled as the snow storms rolled off the high Tushar Mountains onto us.

Of course, Ana and Cass made the traditional gingerbread house.

Brandon and Dave pitched in with the cooking and cleanup duties.

Bryan made a luge track with the Grizzly snowplow down the steep trail across from the retreat.

The girls spent hours on the track. Be sure and watch the video to see how fast they really went.

Brandon and Dave invented a snow surfer that tows behind an ATV. They would barrel up and down the snow-covered road with the Polaris spinning and screaming while weaving, jumping, and surfing the snow banks. They did this for hours at a time.

Dave and Brandon snow surfing at high speeds.

The Thomas in-laws came over for lunch and we enjoyed the tamales that Aunt Mary and Uncle Humbert Fierro sent us. We had gourmet-like dinners every night and played games such as karaoke,balderdash, and guestures.

Brandon and Dave hiked the deep snow up Bullion Canyon.

Happy New Year