Summer Guests - Brown Reunion 2009

In addition to our many customers who come to Bullion Creekside Retreat, we occasionally have family get-togethers also. The Brown clan converged upon Bullion Creekside Retreat from New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, California, New York and Colorado for a few days of family reunion with lots of time for visiting, riding, fiestas, fishing, and rappeling. Most of the Joyce and Jim's kids and grandkids showed up. (There were some in attendance that I didn't have pictures of. If someone would send me some of those pictures I'll include them.)

Following is a series of pictures thanks to Molly of many of the clan rappelng off the cliff and falls at Bullion Falls. Thanks to Dave Thomas and Brandon Clark for the equipment and instructions.

Mike and his wild bunch kids

Guitar around the fire

Out on the trail

Mike and Gauge

Getting ready for bear knoll climb

First Crossing of Deer Creek

Famous tour guide in action

Andersons and Ziems

Jim and fiance

Sam and Genivieve

Tamara showing that she can still carry baby Molly like she did years ago.

The middle generation connected and made friendships

Mike, Bryan and Wilma enjoying the guitar music around the fire.

It was very talented group with many good singers and guitarists.

We sat around the fire and laughed and sang every night.

Joyce and Jim Brown trying their hand at foosball.

Riley the dog got plenty of attention.

Grandma Wilma and grandkids liked the buck hut

Great pasttime fore the kids to throw rocks into the creek.

Getting ready for the trail

Tour leaders ready to go

Molly and Anthony


Teresa Anderson said...

Ana & Bryan,
Our stay with you was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever had. It was good to meet you and your family. Ana you are a beautiful spirit and Bryan we loved your stories. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home.
Max & Teresa Anderson (Colorado)

Mike said...

What a fantastic time! It was great having all my kids there. You are wonderful people and love coming there. Thank you!