Fall on the Paiute ATV Trail

The lowering angle of the warming sun causes great changes here at the foot of the high Tushars. The squirrels and chipmunks step up the pace of their gathering frenzie. The hummingbirds in transit from the north woods pass by looking for a sweet fix from the few lingering blooms on their way to their winter desert season to the south. The brown trout move up Bullion Creek from the Sevier river looking for a mate and a sandy place to lay their eggs. The bull elk bugle from nearly every mountain valley. The pinion jays do their haunting gang calls as they raid the sunflower seeds from the chickadees and siskins. The yellow and red colors start up on the high Tushar aspens and maples and move down the slope through the cottonwoods and oak. Soon the winter snows will take over the show. This may be our favorite season.

Mountain Maples

Sometimes we forget how fun it is to catch a beautiful small stream rainbow.

Looking back into the Tushar caldera from the flank of Belknap peak.

Monroe Mountain View

A pure Bonneville Cutthroat Trout

Barney Lake

View of Copperbelt mountain from the Cottonwood Loop trail

Bullion Canyon of Gold

Magical falling leaves

Elk country on Monroe Mountain

Big Flat

Rocky Mountain Goats on the Paiute Trial 01

A view of Gold Mountain from the Beaver Creek Trail.

Maples off from Beaver Creek Trail

Lower Beaver Creek Valley

Beaver Creek View

Thanks to friends and guests Larry and Kathy Lohr from Michigan who annually visit us and let us use their beautiful photography.


Burrell said...

I love all the new updates! How weird that on my blogroll it doesn't show that you've updated for a reeeeeeeally long time! Great pictures and looks like great memories made.
Love it all.

Vicky said...

The pictures are beautiful, the falling leaves picture is amazing!

Tamara with a "T" said...

Love these beautiful pictures! I need to come back really soon.