The Funnest Little Town in the World

Marysvale could be voted the "the funnest little town in the world". Yes "funnest" is a real word. First, because we all understand it and second because I looked it up in the collegiate dictionary. Something you hear all the time around here. "Our grandkids love Marysvale". This phrase has been repeated for generations past and will surely be repeated for many generations to come. Maybe its because the best grandmothers all live in Marysvale or maybe it is also because there are so many fun things to do in and around Marysvale:

Some like to swim at the local swimming hole.

Others say it is the Marysvale parade where it is at.

Or the” biggest little rodeo in the world” .

Or the “biggest little fish rodeo in the world”.

Some like fishin’ at one of the lakes. Piute, Otter Creek, and Fish Lake can all produce rainbows like this. If trolling a rapala doesn’t work try a christmas tree spinner setup with a worm.

Or try fishing at the creek. Pine Creek (Bullion Canyon) and many more can be a place where a child can catch their first one. Just use a number 8 hook with a split shot with a worm and let it flow with the current in one of the deeper holes.

Ride the range on your own caballo or rent a good one.

See the spring globe mallows at the old Elbow Ranch.

Marysvale is also known as ”The center of ATV universe” … a fun place to visit if you like things that go in the dirt. Be sure to wave at other people…it is a Marysvale tradition.

You can play with your little boats in the creek.

Jam with your friends and family.

Help grandma in the garden.

Explore the history of the Fremont Indians.

Or just play in the swings at the Marysvale Park.

Learn how grandma used to do it.

Winter can be fun too.
Marysvale, a good place to be with your grandkids !

By Bryan and Ana Maria Burrell
Bullion Creekside Retreat