Miracle Summer Flowers at the Retreat

Ana has some kind of secret loving gene for taking care of her plants. She gives more than 100% when she tends her flowers and plants. She patrols her growboxes and flower beds all summer long, gloves on and trowel in hand nurturing each plant. All who have been to Bullion Creekside Retreat in the summer have benefited from this special devotion that Ana has. Maybe you don't even know you have benefited. One lady visiting said "Wow, you just throw them wild seeds out and they grow like this right ?" I thought to myself, " if you only knew". Sometimes in the summer it will fall dark and the cool mountain air moves down the canyon. "Where is Ana ? ", I think in a sudden panic. I'll then go and follow her winding flower beds around the road in the moonlight until there she is....lovingly sitting among her beloved flowers. "Ana, let's go in ! " She relunctantly stands and says it was her goal to finish that flower bed today. I realize what a amateur I am as I take Ana away from her championship. Take her away from her flowers for perhaps an earlier dinner or company watching TV. Yes, champion, maybe world champion ! How can you be any more devoted. I know every one of her flowers will stand at it tallest and most colorful for her, their champion.

She'll often ask me "is this a wildflower or a weed?". "A weed, I'll tell her". Later I'll pass that way and see she has strenthened that little weed with hopes it will produce a flower which it often does.

Ana loves her sunflowers which feed a multitude of birds in the fall.

Ana produces potatoes, squash, tomoatoes, beans, swiss chard, beets, carrots and many other vegetables in her deer and rabbit proof grow boxes.

Ana loves her hearty desert coneflowers and purple coneflowers.

If a flower grows in the wrong place such as at the edge of the driveway, she will take care of it right where it is. Ana gathered these Bee Plant seeds along the road in Antimony. Many consider it a weed but not Ana !

Ana also digs like a badger, leave her alone with some flat stones and shovel and this is what happens! Her bones and muscles will ache for days but she'll turn around and do it again in a heart beat.

Ana with her beloved black-eyed susans.


Danielle said...

Awww...this post brought tears to my eyes. Mom is amazing. Her beautiful flowers and garden are a reflection of how she treats everyone around her. She is so full of love. I love you mamacita!

Tamara with a "T" said...

OOoooohhhh...Daniela...how do you always beat me to the posts? Ugghhhh.
Anyways. This post made me get a lump in my throat. We have the best mommy in the world. Just how she takes care of her flowers, plants, and growboxes...this is how she raised all of her kids. She was always there. You can feel her love, even if you're not one of her kids or flowers ;)

Vicky said...

JES!!! she's "my little big sister" and besides her size, there's nothing little about her. I love you my amazing theester! <3
I love her flowers!
(I did the boobbo up there oops)

Antonio said...

My mom can bring out the beauty in anything. I remember helping her load the wheelbarrow with massive piles of weeds and trimmings, usually in the darkness, at the end of a Saturday. She would still be on her hands and knees, with her hands in the dirt - one of the greatest nurturers and cultivators that walked this planet! Thanks for the reminder in this post, dad. Gotta get back and soak up some wildflowers soon.

PS - I think the "Wildflowers" would be a great name for a band.

Corrine said...


Teresa Anderson said...

Ana & Bryan,
Our stay with you was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever had. It was good to meet you and your family. Ana you are a beautiful spirit and Bryan we loved your stories. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home.
Max & Teresa Anderson (Colorado)