Winter Arts

The winters are long and cold on the Paiute Trail. There can be several feet of snow and temperatures that can dip to 20 below zero. This leaves for a lot of time with the cozy heater to be on while we work at our arts. Ana does 'pietre dure' art in which pictures are carved and polished using diamond wheels and saws. An example of this work is 'Ana's Broad-tailed Hummer on a Poppy' as can be seen below. She is also sitting in front of her store with 'Rockin' Kokepelli' which she sold soon after. Her boot which is sold was made of beautiful Wyoming brown jade and Blue Sodalite with Green Quartz. The Chickadee is Ana's favorite. You can see the picture that she took outside the cabin as a model.

Ana also makes unique bolo ties and bracelets out of hand-chosen rocks she picks herself.

Ana also makes custom wire-wrap bracelets and rings out of gold or sterling silver wire.

Last but not least Ana designes custom necklace and earrings set and makes them for her many customers.

Bryan polishes semi-precious stones from rocks that they find rock-hounding.

Bryan makes Native American Replica knives using natural obsidian, cottonwood handles. He makes the blades using ancient techniques.


Tamara with a "T" said...

Beautiful art mom and dad. I can't wait to wear another one of your custom pieces of jewelry! You won't beleive the comments I get when I'm wearing the jewelry that you made. I love it!

Danielle said...

Okay, we get it, you live in a cozy little cabin where you sit inside by the fire and knap arrowheads and craft natural jewelry while the deer frolick outside your window.

Hehe...I love Marysvale!

Antonio said...

Next time I'm there, I'm going to make something out of obsidian. Love that Chickadee.