Winter Animals

Here are some pictures of animals at the Prop.
A beautiful Evening Grosbeak, there's usually
a flock of them, and they are very talkative!

The Gold Finches, and Pine Siskins love their
thistle seeds. They get along great!

When these Pinion Jays discovered the
sunflower, they stayed until the last little seed
was gone. They were so fun to watch!

OK birdies, you may have to take turns. I don't
think that three of you will fit!

I had the camera ready for more pictures of
Jays, when to my surprise, here came a Magpie!
I was so excited, because it is hard to find a Magpie
that will pose for a picture.
And he stayed for a few seconds munching on
seeds, I was inside looking thru the front door
blinds! He made my day.
Look who came by to visit, a nice 4 point buck.
I think he's one of Santa's reindeer checking the
way for the sleigh, and probably a place to rest,
and eat something! I know it is not Rudolph...

He was Beautiful.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,

everywhere you go! Have a seat! Hee Hee

After I took this picture of the feeder, and steps,
I cleared the snow so the birds would have a
place to land.

Beautiful winter day.

YooHoo! Don't forget to stop here Santa!!!


Burrell said...

Brrrr! Looks colllddd! But I will admit that it makes me a bit homesick! And what a good bird care taker you are to clear a place for them to land. Awwww. (I'm making 'the face'.)

Tamara with a "T" said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Woo hoo...we will be there soon! Can't wait!

Antonio said...

Christmas at the prop is the best. If I was a bird, I'd be at the prop right now.

Vicky said...

I love all the visitors you get, specially those pretty blue bids!
(we sent those over you know) : )
You are set for a White Christmas yayyy!

Danielle said...

No kidding Anthony...if I was a human I'd be at the prop for Christmas. Oh wait...I am and I will! Snort.

Anonymous said...

a four-point? When you told me about the buck over the phone I thought you meant an actual four-point...not a two-point! You are counting and adding all of it's points, a method not used in muley country! After all these years of explainin'....Beautiful buck and birds nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Fire up that hot tub, Dave and I will need to get in it after we frolick down Bullion canyon on our sled.

Vicky said...

Ed says.. "I like your new blog and visitors to your place"

hunter said...

that looks coooooooooold grandma! tell me how fun it was.